Oversampling Request

Can you guys add oversampling to the saturation and analog emulation plugins? At least 4X, preferably up to 8X oversampling. Abbey Roads Saturator, Vinyl, Aphex, MaxxBass, RennBass, and Saphira could use it.


Or just design a wrapper that can host the plugin(s) and apply oversampling to the chain of hosted plugins.

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anti aliasing is a huge problem for everbody. Ive made a Brauerizing template with the busses and everything and calibrated everything to the last detail. I’ve started replacing my Waves plugins cos of this.

Yea, It’s becoming an even bigger problem because computers are getting faster and non-linear effect plugins are being used more in signal chains. So, aliasing is getting to be more of a problem when you apply Waves plugins for sculpting.


Yes and 90% of the plug-ins I need are non linear.

That is an interesting way of viewing it. That might even work depending on how their framework functions.

+1 here. I started replacing a lot of Waves plugins I actually like because alternatives from other developers offer this feature and I can clearly hear a much clearer audio signal using oversampling.
There’s less “mud” in the midrange with oversampling (there is actually a technical explanation, but I’m not so good with it).
I’d love to keep using my favorite Waves plugins and I would actually spend money to renew the versions just for this feature.
As it is now, other plugins keep giving me better results, which is why I don’t feel like investing more into Waves.


You’re so right. I’ve slowly been replacing my mastering plugins and all analog emulation plugins simply for this. I have tried a wrapper but it is really cumbersome and interferes with workflow, so I save that only for Mastering. I notice the highest impact of foldback distortion in the highs and down into the mids as well. This makes all the nonlinear effect plugins from Waves completely unusable professionally. Now, for hobbyists, this isn’t much of a problem, but for mission critical professional work it is. Sure, I can resample at a higher bitrate but managing a project at that bitrate is something we could avoid just by using other plugins and getting a more efficient workflow. Anyway, this is becoming a more critical request the more I discuss this with other professionals.

DDMF’s metsplugin is good for this. I hope waves takes this request to heart. Throw tg12345 in that thing at 4x oversampling and it’s a whole new plugin. So much smoother to the point where I can’t go back. Please waves, give the people what they want! We’re all fans here and just want your plugins to be the best they can be!

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Yea, I know of that one, but I didn’t want to put names. That plugin is great and you’re right, it gives new life to plugins but it is visually cumbersome.

Also agreed. My favorite part of waves plugins is that they’re super easy to use. They are well thought out and have an amazingly intuitive workflow. Wrappers kill that workflow. I’m longing for that HD button to have the best of both worlds.

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+1 … compute power is sufficient nowadays and future looks even better in this field. I believe all analog models would benefit from this. HQ button in every plugin toolbar would be very welcome by many users.

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A great and usefull thing if you want to save on CPU would be the option to have the playback in draft quality and render at oversampling x2 or x4 or x8.