Waves SSL EV2 eq peaks shifting when oversampled ?!?

Hello all.
I just started demoing EV2 in an attempt to maybe replace an SSL strip from another developer.
EV2 doesnt offer oversampling (nor does the other developer’s SSL strip) and when I push the line or mic preamp it gets really messy with all the aliasing.

I use Reaper and the newer version lets you oversample a plugin or a whole chain even.
Im working at 96kHz so I oversampled at 192kHz (2x) to examine the aliasing. All good aliasing was much lower and at 384kHz (4x) of oversampling aliasing was not an issue at all.


When when I dialed in a few dB at a narrow 1kHz peak , when I oversampled 2x that peak shifted an octave higher , at 2kHz and at 4x of oversampling it shifted at 4kHz. I didnt have this issue with the other SSL channel from the other developer.

Is this a bug or not coded for external oversampling?

Thank you.