OBS doesn´t pick up audio

Hey guys,

I wanted to stream audio to OBS for livestreaming or conferencing with zoom,

so knowing that Soundgrid doens´t have a loopback function I just routed my DAW output to ASIO 1+2,
but nothing is coming into OBS!

When I play a youtube video from the browser I can see the signal in OBS.

Am I doing something wrong?
Thanks in advance

PS: I´m on Win 10 with the latest Soundgrid Drivers

Hi @m.subasic ,

It seems like you are trying to stream audio directly between two DAW’s via SoundGrid driver, while streaming the SG Driver’s outputs in one DAW to SG Driver’s inputs in another DAW.

This won’t work, since the SoundGrid Driver is actually an Asio to SG / SG to Asio converter. As such it requires a SoundGrid host application (such as SoundGrid Studio for example) to come in between.
Also note that SG host applications require a SoundGrid Server in order to work.

I advice contacting the Tech Support department. They will gladly assist you with setting things up properly.

Hi dear Gurik,

no not at all. I want to stream Audio out of the emotion st Mixer to obs, and I want to hear my DAW (Cubase) in for example.

I also have a server, so I made a channel in the mixer named it DAW and routed its outs to ASIO 1+2, in order for OBS to pick that up but it doesn´t!

I wathed a million youtube videos and tried all the different scenarios with Reastream and VB Audio voicemeter, but nothing works…

thanks for replying!!

Hi @m.subasic

Please make sure that SoundGrid Driver is selected as the audio engine in the DAW.
In case it is and that is not the root of the issue, don’t hesitate to contact Tech Support for further assistance.

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