SG ASIO driver V13 not detected?

Hello group.

Not sure what I am missing out here, but I went on updating my Waves Central / Yamaha Y16v2 card Firmware / Soundgrid Server Firmware / Other plugin and components to be mainly using Waves V13.

Since then, My ASIO SOUNDGRID DRIVER is not detected anymore by my DAWs (Adobe Audition, Cakewalk By Bandlab, DaVinci Resolve…)

Just to better explain my setup, I am using a Yamaha 01v96 with the soundgrid card in my recording room and I am using a TASCAM US2020 USB interface in my control room. The tascam is patched to the SG system using the Soundgrid Asio driver. Beforehand, when it was operational, I could both see the SOUNDGRID ASIO DRIVER and my TASCAM ASIO DRIVER in the available devices lists in my DAWs when operating using SoundGrid Studio with my SG server…

Now In Audition, I first saw that theSOUNDGRID ASIO device was available in the device list, but marked as not working. After reboot, the Soundgrid Asio is not showing up in the list anymore… and my TASCAM asio driver is now marked as “not working”.

About the same situation in CAKEWALK BY BANDLAB: beforehand, the soundgrid and the Tascam ASIO device showed up in the ASIO device list. Not anymore. (I can now again just see the Tascam)

I currently cannot use SG with any of my DAWS.

Looking at Waves Central, the driver looks installed but it seems that it is not marked “activated”? I’m pretty sure that is expected behavior, but I am not sure… Should the drivers be marked as Activated?

Otherwise, any idea what might be going on here? Thanks

Example of how it “used to be” for my DAW (left column)