SoundGrid Extreme Server - an opinion

I Love the SoundGrid platform, it is truly amazing but specifically the Extreme Server in my humble opinion should be able to handle much more when any machine you buy this days gives you x2 ‘fire power’.
Of course (and rightly so) you can only use the dedicated hardware but when the top shelf product (Extreme) can’t handle freely 64 channels without limitin the processing capabilities (plug-in types/ amount) the live processing chain gets crippled under Extreme conditions…
I would love to see a truly Extreme live processing server for extremely demanding live jobs added to the already wonderful server list.

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Thanks @Ittai_old
In this case my client was willing to pay even twice for a more capable server or if it was possible to chain four of them (2 online, 2 redundancy) just to be able to process all the channels on one system, but the hardware does not exist and the system not built to hold more than 2 units (1 online 1 redundancy) therefore I had to settle on two totally separate systems that result in both inconvenient separation and substantially higher costs by adding x2 MGO’s x2 All Plug-Ins Licenses for separate systems that are both online 24/7.
Take all that into account and you’ll see that price is an object just not the way you think because as long as we don’t have substantially stronger server option in extreme conditions with high channel count and need for extreme processing power we pay much more to get less, don’t get me wrong I love to pay more, when I get more.
anyhow that boat has sailed and the client is super happy with the processing, just pointing that out here to float the fact that in my humble opinion the definition of Extreme should be reconsidered :slight_smile:


I totally agree that a ‘super extreme’ is necessary in the market.
I will also vote for using 2 or more servers for processing the same session.


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