New Plugin! SSL EV2 Channel 🎛

The SSL Sound – Elevated: All-New Modeling, All-New Features

Meet SSL EV2: a brand-new recreation of the legendary SSL 4000E console channel strip, re-modeled from the ground up for a new level of analog richness and detail.

NEW: The original O2 Brown Knob EQ for crunchy, gritty character

NEW: All-new mic pre/line input section for rich harmonic saturation

NEW: 600 presets by Grammy®-winning producers and mix engineers

The SSL sound is a cornerstone of the music industry.
SSL EV2 brings you that sound, elevated.

Learn more about SSL EV2
Reg. $249

Intro $39.99

Limited-time discount for SSL E and G Channel Owners

:hushed: Only $29.99 - Personal Coupon sent via email, go check your inbox!

SSL EV2 is also available in the SSL 4000, Studio Classics, Pro Show, and SD7 Pro Show bundles.

If you own one of these bundles with a current Waves Update Plan, get SSL EV2 free.

If needed, renew your Waves Update Plan for your bundle - now at 25% off.
Jacquire King

Jacquire King
(Kings of Leon, James Bay)

“The new SSL EV2 is insanely good. To have so much refinement in a plugin is impressive. Waves really enhanced the musical feel of the EQ, and the dynamics are super-tight. This is what a real SSL sounds and feels like.”

Lu Diaz
Stuart White

Stuart White
(Beyoncé, Jay Z)

“As I was making presets for the SSL EV2, I was blown away by the distortion and the harmonics on the mic pre and line inputs. They sound so f****** good! Waves killed it with this one.”

Lu Diaz
Joe Barresi

Joe Barresi
(Tool, Queens of the Stone Age)

“I have an SSL console, but I always have the Waves SSL plugins going in my mixes. The new SSL EV2 is a welcome addition: bigger and bolder. Waves continues to raise the bar.”

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I’ve been using the previous SSL E-Channel with the NLS (Non-Linear Summer) for some years now. I wonder whether I can simply swap the E-Channel for the EV2 and keep the NLS? Is that something which you would recommend?

And, also, what’s the Analog button? Is it only noise or does it generate some harmonics as well? Should I keep Analog on in the EV2 if I use NLS?

Is there a version 12 of the new SLL channel ?

Hi @mr_david, No we can only release new products in the current version, and not in previous ones

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