Scheps Omni Channel - EQ styles

Hello, I LOOOOOOOVE Scheps Omni Channel, and with version 2 I love it even more.

But for v3 I think adding more styles of eq, especially SSL E channel would be excellent.

Thanks for doing an awesome job, I love you!

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Not sure if V3 will come about, but that sounds like a good idea.

Though its kind of there. The narrow band is kind of based on the map 560, bit covers a tiny bit of the adjacent bands. Where as the broad Q is based on the Neve 1073.

Andrew Scheps obsessed over the design of the original Omni for around a year, helping the devs to refine it. Still, he did end up adding a few improvements/oversights with V2. Who knows, maybe there will be a V3 one day.

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I completely agree with you!
What I mean by SSL E (4000) channel is, transparency and “being subtle”.

Also, width control would be great like CLA MixHub or SSL EV2.

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