SSL 9000 Collection Series

Dear Waves,

We have the SSL 4000 Collection which emulates the E & G serie consoles which is used for Rock, Pop, and Acoustic recordings and mixes, but now we need the SSL 9000 Collection to emulate the J & K serie consoles which was used on countless of Hip-Hop, R&B, Jazz recording and mixes.

Can you please create this please, so I can get my Hip-Hop tracks sound radio ready?

Thank You!


Hi @HenJayMusic and welcome to Waves Forum :slight_smile:

That’s an interesting idea.
I’ll make sure to forward it to the relevant personnel here at Waves.

You can also add it as a message to the comments and suggestions section on the Contact Us form (under Other Contacts on the bottom) on our webpage.

Yeah, “classic” sounds and processing only gets you so far. Sometimes you want a more “modern” aesthetic that is more than just plugins. A 9000 would make perfect sense in that case, but I’m sure there’s other things you could do as well. Amek, for example.


That would be cool. A couple of us here are already pushing for a Neve 88RS plugin too from Waves. Classic consoles are cool, but a few modern ones would be awesome! I would be very tempted to grab an SSL 9000 collection too, if they do it as great as they did the 4000 collection.