SSL EV2 Sidechain input

Dear people at Waves,
the EV2 is an amazing plugin, which I have been waiting for a long time.

One thing that would make it even more amazing would be the addition of a sidechain input for the dynamics. Another pair of input channels, to which the dynamics would react on the press of a button.

I often layer drums, and the gating/compression workflow would be so much better with this feature.

Thanks for your consideration!

It’s actually quite a sensible idea as compressor sidechains are quite common these days. Just not sure you can do it with these desk compressors though, but it still doesn’t mean that Waves couldn’t add the feature.

Who knows, maybe they will.

Thanks for your reply!

Yes this feature also exists in the original hardware SSL 4000 desk channel.
There is a “sidechain” button, which makes the dynamics react to a separate signal on the sidechain input.

I’d love to be able to make drum channel gates react to a common signal, as I tend to layer kicks and snares a lot.
Eg. to control the Snare Bottom gate from the Snare Top signal, because it’s just a cleaner trigger signal and so on…

I need to add a small correction, which I read up in the 4k console manual.
It is possible to use the dynamics with a sidechain input, but there is not a simple sidechain button. You can access it by pressing CH IN and MON simultaneously, which makes the sidechain input accessible from the monitor signal path.

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Hi @christian.stoecklmeier

Happy to announce we just released an update for SSL EV2 that added External sidechain :slight_smile:

Follow these steps to install it:

  1. Relaunch Waves Central v13.0.10 and log into your account.

  2. From the Install Products page, click on the red Updates available

  3. Click on the blue Update button on the right-hand side.

Once done, to use the external sidechain, first establish the sidechain path from your source channels into the SSL EV2 channel.

Next, click on the SSL EV2 SC button on the WaveSystem Toolbar (top left of the plug-in GUI).

You can determine if the sidechain is working by listening to the DYN SC Signal.


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Wow, that´s amazing!
I just tried, and it works perfectly.

Thanks so much!

I noticed the email announcement earlier. This is good news indeed as it increases SSL EV2’s flexibility.

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