Easier non-USB license switching between devices

Please make it easier to work between two devices (usually a PC and a laptop) with Waves plugin licenses. I don’t want to use a USB to transfer licenses. List both devices in Waves Central and let the user click to transfer activation between devices. It’s cumbersome to have to start up one computer (for example, a studio PC, the one I don’t want to work on at the time), deactivate the licenses, then go on to my laptop, open Waves Central and activate the licenses there. That’s slow! It would be much better to allow a user to have two devices authorized, just not active at the same time.

Waves plugins are great, but the license burden is a drag and makes me want to avoid using them as much.

Tim Lang

This is probably of no help to you, but the subscription plan comes with 2 licenses. So you can run Waves plugins on two systems without the need for an external USB drive.

Thanks for the suggestion about the subscription plan. I prefer not to go that route for plug-ins.


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Tim, your suggestion for a more convenient non-USB license switching process between devices is quite valid. Transitioning between devices seamlessly is an essential aspect of user experience, especially for those working across multiple systems. While I don’t have the ability to directly implement changes, I can certainly understand the value of your request.

For a more immediate impact, consider sharing your feedback directly with Waves. They often appreciate user input, and it can contribute to future updates or improvements in their software. You can reach out to Waves support or use their official channels to provide suggestions and feedback.

Thank you for sharing your perspective, and I hope your experience with Waves plugins becomes even more user-friendly in the future.

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Try them here…