Midi mapping Studio One (Control Link) how to

Hello all,

I have searched everywhere, but I can’t find the right answer.

At the studio I sometimes work for, we use Presonus Studio One and a Presonus CS18Ai controller.
We do use some Waves plugins, but I can’t fully get them controlled by midi.

On the Waves website I see a (very) brief explanation, but it won’t help me a lot.

In Studio One, they have a function called “Control Link” and it let’s you link parameters of plugins to your controller very easy, but when I try it with the Waves plugins (CLA-76, SSL Channelstrip, etc.), it will link at first, but when I switch to another plugin and back, it has lost all control.

How can I get (shared) midi mapping to work in Studio One with the Waves plugins? The same knob on the midi controller can be mapped to different plugins and controls different parameters, depending on what plugin is selected/opened in Studio One. So for example when I have the SSL channel open on (for example) my kick channel, knob 1 should control the LPF, but when I have a CLA-76 open on (for example) my vocal channel, knob 1 should control the input parameter of the CLA-76 and so on. This works very good with Studio One native plugins or other third party plugins. I just can’t get it to work with Waves plugins.

Hope anybody can help.

Thanks in advance.

Well, I think Presonus has fixed this problem in a later/the latest version, because after updating, it does work the normal way as for all plugins. Just use Control Link in focus mode and it works.

so you sorted it out ?

That is correct. But the (very brief) guide Waves is providing on their website, is very confusing to me.
Seems like they mean something else by sending midi to Waves Plugins. Because they mention OVox.