Midas M32 w/ IOX without server or pc

I was wondering if it’s possible to use an IOX as a stage box with a Midas M32 having no computer or server involve.
If I do the patch between the M32 and the IOX with a computer and then disconnect the computer from the network, is the connection between the M32 and the IOX will last ?
If yes, are the M32 and the IOX connecting automatically the next time ?
If no, is a server alone working to save and do the patch ?

Thank you and have a good day!

Hi Ian,

Welcome to the Waves Forum.

In order to use any Soundgrid hardware, I/O, Server; a computer running a SG host application such as SuperRack, LV1… will be required.

If you need more information or require ant assistance with your current setup you can always consult a Live Sound Specialist over the phone : +1-865-909-9268Or by Contacting Technical Support over email.

hi @Ian_TilHan ,

in addition to what Adi.Waves wrote: if you set up the patch and gains in the IOX and then unplug the SG host application, then the settings are kept until power loss or when the next SG host connects (at least in my experience).

The settings are not stored permanently in the IOX or in the DN32-WSG/X-WSG like e.g. with dante hardware.

A SG server does not help here.