Digigrid iox (with server) or iox with ios xl

I would like to purchase new products for my studio
it is a live studio, and home studio
I meeting with music band and we sing and record. we are 8 musician some times we are more than 8

i saw StudioRack in YouTube videos and I was very impressed by it
I would like to manage and control + recording on my LAPTOP and I expect it to have a fair amount of power…

my plan is to buy IOX and test it individually if it was able to activate the plugins with LOW LATENCY … !

But will I need a waves server ? or (IOS XL)

The future plan to buy IOS XL and connect it with IOX
(Of course, if you recommend me this plan).

I saw some people they have only 2 IOX and connect them to each other without a server

i dont know if this is possible with plugins.? LOW LATENCY

I want to use in every channel maybe 3, 4 plugins only Reverb , Delay , Eq , Cla , SSL , auto tune

My studio room is 12 Metter length I have 2 loudspeaker and one Monitor

wich best server is the less noie fans sound (IOS XL or Waves server) ?

can i use 2 Mobile server same time to Doubling the power of server ?

what are u suggestion ?

Most answered here: Digigrid iox or ios xl

No. Only one server at a time is possible at this time.

Before buying, please keep in mind that if you use Mac OSX, Waves has not released support for Catalina, so the use of Studio Rack is not available unless you use an older Mac operative system or Windows (I guess…cause I don’t use it). They have promised updates and compatibility for this second quarter of 2020, but nothing has been released yet. Other than that the platform is very good and reliable in my opinion. Do your research so that you buy something you can use right away and don’t get frustrated like many.

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Thank you
I am using windows 10 OS
In fact, I am very satisfied with this system and am convinced of it

But I am confused about the choice of devices

Also, I would like to see the update as soon as the program still does not support 4k screens


NO, only with a server

Proton Server

No, Only one server can process at any given time.

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