Waves cards X32-SQ5 Soundgrid studio

Hello everyone, I have a question about connexion and soundgrid studio.

I am working with a band that has their own in ear monitoring system with a M32R. I am using a A&H SQ5 for FOH and I bought for both desks a waves card. The connexion works very well and the setup with soundgrid studio was very easy.

My question : Is it possible to run the system without connecting soundgrid studio? Currently I have to connect the computer with the program open for the connexions to work. I am a bit worried in case of a computer crash or something.

Thank you for your help

No that’s not possible. One of the big disadvantages Soundgrid has in contrast to Dante.

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Thank you for your answer. I found a little trick but I am not sure it is really good to do that…
When I start my system I plug the computer to make everything work and then I disconnect the ethernet cable without closing the Soundgrid Studio… It worked so far but I don’t feel very confident about it…