Issues with plug-ins after updating logic pro x

Hi all,

after updating logic pro x to 10.6 some WAVES plug-ins I own (like L2 for example) are no more available.
I have a mac mini M1 but haven’t had any kind of issues with my plug-ins before updating the DAW.
Any of you with a similar problem who found a way out?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi @blueseta,

Please note that Waves software is not yet officially qualified and supported on Apple computers with the new Apple M1 processor.

We are working on providing official support and will update in the near future on the System Requirement page with new developments as they are available.

ETA is currently not available.

For more information regarding Waves with Apple M1 Processors, please refer to the Waves with Apple M1 Processors and Rosetta 2 Emulator article on our support page.

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Hi Gurik,
out of my V10.0 plug-ins some are perfectly working like CLA-2A compressor and De-Esser while L2, de-breath and C6 are not (meaning that while they show as succesfully installed and validated in the plug-in manager they show as not present in the channel strip).

So, how can it be that some work and some don’t?It it were up to the M1 processor none of them should.

Thank you in advance for your further assistance.

Hi @blueseta ,

That is exactly the point with unsupported software - it is unpredictable.
Some plugins may work perfectly fine. Others - may not work at all, and when they don’t - Waves won’t be able to assist much on the technical level simply due to the fact that the software was not yet fully tested nor qualified to run on that system and therefore the database of possible issues (and accordingly - possible fixes) is very limited.

ok fine.
But after migrating my old mac to the new system (M1) I didn’t have any issues with waves plug-ins.
Everything started after upgrading Logic Pro x.
Now some plug-ins show as V 10.0 in waves central yet they show as V 9.92 in the plug-in manager.
Anyway, thanks for your answer.

This actually sounds like an overlapping between versions (when you have more than one software version of the same plugin installed on the computer).
You can try running the Version Organizer from within Waves Central (can be found in the Settings window).
However both V9 and V10 are not supported on Mac Big Sur nor on M1 Chip based computers.