Non Metal For V12

Greetings! Do you guys have the “Non-Metal” versions of the newer plugins such as Abbey Road RS124 & the CLA Epic plugins etc. Or can you create “Non-Metal” versions for the newer V12 plugins? Thanks

Hi @faithoverfearmusic,

Unfortunately, as Metal is Apple’s new graphic technology, all newly released Waves plugins will require it.
Only plugins that were available in the Waves V11, will be ‘non-Metal’ ready.

It’s a shame in one way, annoying in another, but also completely understandable.

Using an infrastructure that is tightly designed to work with the Mac in a highly optimised way means better performance and less maintenance on Waves’ part. The M1 and other similar chips also opens up lots of doors, but many of those won’t lead to Intel. So many systems will get left behind there also.

Fortunately we have around 5 years to prepare for that day. Time to start saving I imagine.

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