Issues with M1 macs as an audio node

I started updating my studio in 2020. I thought the waves hardware was a good bet, and it was. Until I got a Silicone M1 Mac. That’s when I had to start pealing the onion of problems. First was my issues of a bad switch, and unsheilded cat 6 cables. ok those were replaced, not as many drop outs resulting in protools 6101 error codes. Os updates, pt updates, waves updates. I hoped they would deal effectivly with the issues of M1 macs having audio drop outs. But instead choose to focus on pc’s instead. I still have a full system I train on, record alittle, but not use for artists. Still in 2024 the system isen’t healthy enough to use. Waves did say they are working with Apple on the issue. Mean while Avid hardware and other studios are eating waves studio systems alive, (thats what I use in other studios). I wish I realized what to expect when I needed to update my system. Now I’m hoping waves will overcome the audio node issue to create a fantastic system, no matter the pc hardware and ios.

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Chances are they’re just a little behind in addressing these issues. I can’t imagine them ignoring it.

My waves soundgrid card and thunderbolt-ethernet dongle collecting dust because of this issue.