True M1 Support for Clarity vx + Clarity vx Pro

The title says it all. I’ve bought the pro version and I know you’re supposedly working on V14 support. But I’m posting this to push the issue. Apple has shipped over 7 Million M1 macs just this past quarter, and they’ve had them for over 1.5 years at this point.

techradar dot com/news/mac-sales-fly-as-pc-declines-did-the-m1-chip-save-apple

Lets see native versions of these amazing plugins so they can be used! Rosetta is a painful and hardly usable workaround.

As a side note, I’m a video post person, and I’ve tried them in Rosetta in Davinci (preferred editor) and Premiere, and the plugins in testing have worked fine in both.


This!!! Please!! I came here to post this. Please offer M1 support for Clarity as soon as possible. I agree with the OP, these macs have been out for a while at this point.