True M1 Support for Clarity vx + Clarity vx Pro

The title says it all. I’ve bought the pro version and I know you’re supposedly working on V14 support. But I’m posting this to push the issue. Apple has shipped over 7 Million M1 macs just this past quarter, and they’ve had them for over 1.5 years at this point.

techradar dot com/news/mac-sales-fly-as-pc-declines-did-the-m1-chip-save-apple

Lets see native versions of these amazing plugins so they can be used! Rosetta is a painful and hardly usable workaround.

As a side note, I’m a video post person, and I’ve tried them in Rosetta in Davinci (preferred editor) and Premiere, and the plugins in testing have worked fine in both.



This!!! Please!! I came here to post this. Please offer M1 support for Clarity as soon as possible. I agree with the OP, these macs have been out for a while at this point.


I don’t work for Waves but I can pretty much guarantee you it will be on the way. Being a neural net plugin they would have sunk alot of money in to development. It’s new and they will want to keep it running on modern machines.

My guess is that when the first started training the neural net they didn’t have the M1 framework. They may even have to retrain the plugin specifically for it. That would explain why it’s taking a while.

It’s end October and still no native support for Apple Silicon! I’m finding Rosetta 2 unusable as a work around and having to render out (Davinci Resolve) each track any and all tracks I’ve used Clarity Vx and roundtrip. Not ideal.

Hi @storystrategist

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I can tell you that our Software team is working on getting Clarity Vx to support Apple Silicon natively, however, we don’t have an ETA yet.

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Keep up the good work, Software Team! You rock! This is what happens when you create magic.

I guess it’s too soon to ask for Ventura compatibility? But seriously just native M1 would be a nice gift for Christmas for all us waves customers. :sunglasses:

Hi @mikeceezy2

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Clarity Vx will work on macOS Ventura. Clarity V14 it is officially supported with macOS Ventura, and we will update the information on the website as soon as possible.

With that said, regarding the Apple Silicon support, I can tell you that our Software team is working on getting Clarity Vx to support Apple Silicon natively, however, we don’t have an ETA yet.

I hope this information will assist.

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That’s great news!! Can’t wait! One step closer!

Ventura - Great
M1 Support - Not great. Hopefully more ‘Clarity’ on that soon. (sorry, the pun just happened)

I’ve had to recommend to people in the past 2 weeks to use Davinci’s new audio denoiser. Previously I told people to purchase Waves. I can’t do that right now.

Pluses of Davinci’s audio denoiser: Built in! It’s great on speech!

Pluses of ClarityVx: More subtle when you need that. Works with music and other sounds while davinci’s is more of a nuclear bomb on background noise.

PLEASE GET M1 soon! I DO have projects where it’s the better option over Davinci, but on a lot of projects now I’ve had to switch away to using davinci’s plugin.

Adding to the chorus that M1 support for clarity is so so necessary! Thanks for working on it!

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