Lv1 user defined keys

Being able to select multiple channels and turn on/off a plugin across those channels from 1 user defined key would be great for toggling on/off auto tune if the singers decide to talk at the beginning or end of a song

I think this should be possible with two snapshots, one for switching off certain plugin slots on certain channels and one for switching them on. Requires two user defined keys then.

So there aren’t snapshots on lv1, and if I use hot scenes it puts my scenes out of order when I try to go to my next scene

You are correct, it is named scenes not snapshots.

If you have a fixed order then you might get along with something like:

scene Song3 outro
scene autotune off
scene Song4 start/intro
scene autotune on
scene Song4 verse1

Just an idea though. I also like the idea of being able to put multiple actions on one user button (like on an avid or digico) which effectively makes it kind of a snapshot independently of any scenes or songs.

Ya that is exactly what I am doing right now. I set everything up but then have volunteers run the shows they don’t have as much experience so the less scenes they have to switch the better lol

you can set a defined user key as a bypass toggle button for any plug in in any slot, works for me for AT as you describe. I also use it for PSE and X-Feedback.

Correct but it would be nice to be able to affect multiple channels with a single user key. I have 6 vocals so it would be a pain to have 6 user keys just to turn off and on auto tune for all of them. If I had a single user key that can toggle on/off auto tune on all it would be much faster and easier

100 % with you on that! We need some type of macro programming possibility to increase flexibility and workflow ease :ok_hand:

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