LV1 needs more keyboard shortcuts

This would enable dedicated hardware control of functions in LV1 without tying up a control slot or being forced to use MIDI. Things like mute groups, scene previous/next, talkback toggle…those kinds of things. It’d only take a dev about an hour to add a bunch of keyboard shortcuts.


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This will definitely be passed on to our product team :man_teacher:

Hi @tyc,

check this out:

Yeah, I’m aware of what exists, it’s just painfully incomplete. How about Shift + Function keys to control mute groups as a starter? Pretty much anything that could be assigned to a user button should get a dedicated keyboard shortcut. Low hanging fruit, but it would make a big difference in control surface options (Streamdeck…), which many people presently complain about when using LV1.


You feedback is valuable @tyc. Passing this on of course.

still not enough keyboard shortcuts. Please provide next scene and previous scene at least. no matter how difficult keys like, ctrl+shift+alt+1…, for example…