LV1 features request

few things I think might be of interest for LV1 users:

  • reorder custom layer thumbnails by drag and drop

  • FIT: touch and turn speed option (like say on Yamaha desks, push down for finer tuning) right now it is almost unusable for most tasks (comp threshold, etc…)

  • FIT: flip keeps aux selected when toggling flip / non flip layer also when toggling off flip: coming back to last used console mode (rack dyn efx etc…)

  • Tab to next ch when writing channel names in patch window

  • 2nd cue buss / cue buss delay on channel like input channels to time align headphones to PA

  • Next scene preview: next scene button makes it flash in the top bar / confirm with a hot button, that way you can make sure and confirm the scene you want to fire

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