LV1 BUG, can someone confirm for me?

I’m not able to scope changes to NLS Buss plugin on a monitor channel for some reason. For example, I have NLS Buss loaded on Monitor 12 in rack slot 1. I set the settings to spike across the board. I scope MON 12 and Plugin 1 in my scene scope and store it.

I repeat the process for Nevo settings and store to another scene.

When I recall the scenes it doesn’t change anything in the plugin.

I think it’s a bug because if I put NLS Buss on an input channel and scope the input channel and rack 1 everything works as it should.

Can someone confirm if this is doing this on their instance of LV1 or if it’s just me?


Hi @ndrwschp,

I suggest Contacting Technical Support with such issues.

They will be able to provide you with a solution in case this is a local issue or further investigate, if it’s not the expected behaviour while testing in a fresh session.