LV1: LR dropoputs when cueing channels

I just started to check the LV1 at a friend’s studio. There seems to be a strange behaviour.

We are on Mac M1 Big Sur 11.6.5, LV1 is 13.3. The main outs are routed to out 3+4 of a connected Digigrid D. Cueing is set to out 1+2 of the D. Soundgrid server is on half load both peaks and average.

When I cue a channel or a fold back mix in the mixer the main out drops for a tenth of a second, both when switching cue on and off.

Thanks for your suggestions. Any help would be much appreciated.


Played around with the settings. The drops go away when I preference the mixer to “DSP optimized”. When going back to “Latency optimized” the behaviour re-occurs. So my issue is solved. Anyway it seems strange to me.

Love. Henry