Some LV1 scenes don't recall everything that was stored


I’m trying to use scenes on LV1. I have four mics that are used by multiple people. I created multiple scenes and have selected those four channels along with preamp, fader, all the plugins and filters, EQ, DYN. All scenes have the same selections on the show page. I went to each scene and made adjustments to gain, fader, and plugin parameters and hit store before moving to the next scene. Now, when I switch scenes, some of them work great, all the adjustments are recalled as I expect, but some scenes don’t work completely. Some of them don’t recall the gain, sometimes some of the plugin parameters aren’t recalled. I adjust them again and hit store, but some adjustments just don’t seem to work on some scenes. The faders do all look to be working though.

Has anyone else had issues similar to this or know what might have gone wrong?

Hi @joelmackenzie,

I think this is one for our Live Sound team to tackle, just so you can get an accurate diagnosis after providing all the setup details.

Various parameters can affect scenes not recalling, or not recalling as you saved them, these can be related to your setup settings and, or, order of actions when storing, and recalling scenes among other parameters.

You can also reach them directly :zap: at +1-865-909-9268 Monday – Thursday: 3:00 am – Midnight (EST)