Experiences with LV1 V11.0.0 Build R19289

First of all: The tools available in this mixing system for live sound are crazy good!
Thanks WAVES!

Since this was the 4th live event done with this system, here a few observations, questions and recommendations:
Just for information: I am running the LV1 host on a MACmini 2014, I7, 16GB, Bootcamp with WIN 10 on SSD, using 2 24"-touchscreens, one a DELL and one an IIYAMA in a prototype wooden frame ;).
Using screen resolution of 1366 x 768.

  1. Custom U/I layout channels can be moved. This is fine for organizing my custom U/I, but not when doing fast moving of faders in a live moment. How can I disable the unintentional moving of single channels?

  2. After a few hours of running, LV1 would no longer let me change between Channel, Patch and Mixer buttons. Also in channel window it would not let me change back to channel home window. This happened even though the touchscreens showed that my touches were received and thus working fine.
    This triggered some seconds of panic during the show!
    A workaround I found, was, double-touching on a free area of the screen.
    After this the single touch for changing between the buttons was working again for a few times. Then I had to repeat the “treatment”. Any ideas on this?

  3. New tap tempo buttons do not give reliable optical feedback to the real tapped tempo. Touching area seems way too small or simply not working reliably! A functional button defined for tap tempo worked fine.

  4. Workflow improvement:
    Touching an effect name button in channel window effect send section should be directly leading to the effects channel window. Actually I have to select SEND-EFF button in the Layers column and afterwards the respective effects channel, which takes unnecessary long time.

  5. For preparing a new session it is very impractical, that, even though I have selected an offline IO device, it is not possible to select its IOs to a channel without the hardware physically connected! An important offline functionality thus is missing!

  6. (MIDI-) Control possibilities known from Multirack are still missing in LV1:
    For example how to control (disable/enable) DEL and REV of several VoiceCentric plugins in several channels at once for dry talking between songs?
    Or, how can I change the effect send volume of 4 voc and 2 sax channels at the same time without having to change scenes?

  7. Effects assigned to DCAs are always return signals. For a delay shot it would be better to be able to assign the delay send signal, so that after the singer has sung a special phrase the send volume can be put down and the phrase will be repeated according to delay settings independently.

  8. Cue/Solo signals are from the end of the plugin chain only.
    Would be helpful to be able to also hear into the signals between the plugins.

  9. For dynamic changes during a song it would be phantastic to have a timeline in LV1.
    (Sure, this only makes sense for playing along a click signal.)

  10. The very often acclaimed advantage and possibility to use plugin combinations found in the studio (with Studio Rack) also in live environment is actually not valid, because of the incompatibility of plugins for Soundgrid Studio and LV1.
    When will this be working again?
    I had a live concert where I am now mixing the multitrack recording for TV-broadcast.
    Would have been nice to use the same StudioRack racks for both.

Thanks for continuously working on these many details that in the end make the best mixing experience for live sound!!

Best Regards

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Thanks for the great feedback @Gerry! This will passed to the LV1 Team.
Regardinbg SoundGrid Studio compatiility: We are pleased to let you know that new versions of SoundGrid Studio and StudioRack are in development, with several updates expected this year.
Waves are working to ensure that the new versions are compatible with Waves V11 plugins and macOS Catalina, and have new exciting features.
The first release in this series of updates is scheduled for Q2 2020.

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Hey @Gerry

Once again, thanks for the feedback.

  1. The option to lock the layer is in the custom layer edit menu.
  2. This behavior is not reproduced here, please contact support if it persists.
  3. This will be improved in next update
  4. We submitted this as a feature request.
  5. This behavior is not reproduced here, please contact support if it persists.
  6. Link groups can provide these linking, at least most of them
  7. Yes the EFX are all returns, the request for Input fader control has been submitted.
  8. Cue can be set to Input as well, however not between plugins, we submitted this as a feature request.
  9. Good idea, we submitted this as a feature request.
  10. Presets are compatible if both applications are installed on the same machine. As mentioned - the SG Studio update is coming soon…


Hi Yishai,
thank you very much for your systematic working through my admittedly long post!
Good to hear, that there will be a Soundgrid Studio Update compatible to V11 plugins until mid of this year.
@1 Yes I found the “Lock Strips” command in custom layout when pressing Ctrl.
This is helping very much! Perfect.
@6 Yes, it is possible to configure a DCA Group of linked channels and other groups,
but I could not find a possibility to make a DCA group control for example the
Reverb and Delay parameters of the voicecentric plugin of a few vocal channels at
the same time, as I understood should be possible with these. Did I get
something wrong?

There is one last question I’d like to ask:
I was working with an Impact Server and was surprised how I could even do a 22 channel, 96kHz FOH mix with it. Yes, I had to increase server latency to (max.) 224 samples (4.7ms), but this was quite impressing!
Now I do have extreme server power and find, the performance bar to be showing only about half of that with the Impact Server, which is quite perfect and leaving a lot of headroom.
But the small pointer (peak performance) relatively to that shwos a lot higher peak performance often. On the server inventory page I see the 8 logical processor strips showing that the processor load is predominantly on 1 and 2, the other 6 are a lot less busy. How can the processor load be distributed evenly on all processors, so that we can really use the “headroom” performance.
For example adding only one instance of H-Reverb makes the big bar color eventually changing to yellow, even though it is not ranging at 80% yet, but the peak performance seems to be hitting it sometimes. Any tip or idea?
Thanks for all your discernment and help!

Best Regards

Hey Gerry,

You are very welcome.

You cannot make DCA group controls for different parameters within a plugin like VoiceCentric, no.

Extreme Server having higher peaks than Impact server - if using the same sample rate, session and buffer sizes, then this is not normal behavior - please contact tech support to troubleshoot.

H-Reverb is a very CPU intensive, peaky plugin and can cuase peaks as you describes.
If you load the session and see a high load - increase and then decrease server buffer size, this will reshuffle the plugin processing between the CPU cores and (may) reduce the load a bit.

Cores 1 & 2 are responsible for other processes besides the audio processing.
Higher peaks on 1 & 2 compared to the other cores is perfectly normal.

Thanks for lookin out!

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