"Re-scan for license" issue in Logic

Hi all,
I have an interesting error popup when loading a certain project in Logic Pro (10.7.1)

It’s throwing an error saying that it can’t find a license for Abbey Road Saturator.
This is where it gets weird…

I have never had, used or demoed Abbey Road Saturator. So I can’t figure out why it’s asking fr this??

Any ideas??


Hi @mattrixx,

This license prompt message might show because the session was using the Abbey Road Saturator
and as you said, you don’t own this plug-in, or you have installed it in the past and when loading Logic Pro it scans the plug-in but cannot verify it due to not having a license to correspond with it.

However, in case you need further assistance always feel free to contact our Tech Support department :sunglasses:

As I mentioned, this session and machine, has never used or even demoed any Abbey Road plugins.

Well that is odd indeed. Really odd. Is there anyway you can list what Waves plugins are used??

You can start Logic with its Audio Engine off by pressing Control immediately after launching it. No plugins will work, but it does help you isolate issues.

The other thing is back up your project launch the project, remove a few plugins, save, close then launch again. You may have to quit Logic entirely I’m not sure. Hopefully, though, this will allow you to narrow the issue down to a small number of plugins.

From there you make another copy of the original copy and remove each of those plugins one by one until you’ve isolated the culprit. Which, according to you is most likely not going to be Saturator, but it maybe another Waves plugin triggering this false error message. From there you’ll have enough info to contact support with.

Its tedious, but hopefully it will help you resolve the issue.

Cheers Simon,
Yeah, I’ll probably give this a bit of a shot later today, starting with a “Save As” a new project and launch it on another system to see what happens.

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How’d you go man, did you manage to figure out the issue??

Hi mate. No didn’t resolve it. Hasn’t come up in any other projects however.

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Sounds like it might have been the result of a planetary alignment or forgetting to sacrifice a goat to some deity.

Here’s hoping it doesn’t reoccur.

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