Can't activate second licenses, and then can't contact support

Dear community,
I’m not able to activate the second licenses I just painstakingly added to my waves account. They do show up in waves central, but the field “activate” is simply blanked out. Above it there is the option “DON’T activate licenses”, which I can either “choose” or “close”, not that it makes a difference. Is this a joke? And then these second licenses expire after a few months, unbelievable. Is it Wave’s primary objective to lose customers? I’d actually like to be given the option of activating and using the plugins that I already payed for and installed on my second system, you know?
So I just tried to contact the support on the issue, and guess what: In order to contact the support, you’ve got to give some information on your system, if it’s a pc or mac, what the OS and DAW is and so on. I can choose the option “pc”, but there are NO options to choose from in the other mandatory fields, OS and DAW. So I can’t contact the support because the door is locked on me, as the page doesn’t offer me the option to put in the information that it demands from me in order to get forward. Up to this point it was annoying, but this is just beyond me, don’t even know what to make of it. Sorry it’s really putting me off. If anyone could help me out on the original issue that made me want to contact the support in the first place, or at least on the issue that the support is unreachable for the described reason, I’d be very glad.
Yours sincerly, Darius

Have you already installed the plugins on the computer you are trying to activate? Even if you can’t activate the plugins during installation, you should be able to go to the licenses tab on the left hand side and transfer the licenses from the cloud to either a usb stick or the computer itself.

As for the expiration date, it’s tied to your update plan. When that expires, you loose access to the second licenses.

Thank you for your answer. I have installed the plugins on my main workstation with the original license, as well as on the secondary pc I intend to use them on, which is a windows 7 laptop by the way, but I’ll worry about that later, when the licensing part is done.
The plugins didn’t show up in Reaper despite having been installed, so I checked and found out that they weren’t activated due to missing licenses. So I added the second licenses to my account, and indeed found them showing up both in the licensing and installation tab of Waves Central.
But in neither of those these second licenses can be activated. In the installation tab I have the option to install the plugins again, and I can also select the second licenses in the plugin list, but it still says “install”, not “install & activate”. I tried to re-install them anyway, without success. In the licensing tab, there is a button to activate the second licenses which are showing up in the list, but it’s blanked out. I won’t put up with ripping apart my workstations by transferring my licenses every time, when I go to another place for recording, and back again, be it via usb stick or waves central, it’s unpractical to say the least. If that’s what waves expects from their customers, I’m going to find more user-friendly alternatives in the future. Thank you for taking the time to help me out, though!
Cheers, Darius


I just went through the process of activating my second licenses to make sure I had a fresh understanding of the exact process and was able to do it without issue so this definitely seems like something you need to get support involved with.

You said you had issues contacting support, have you tried doing it through the website. There are options for calling as well as emailing… No forms to fill out other than your contact info and description of your problem. Click on the “contact us” link at the bottom of the main page.

And just in case it becomes an option for you in the future, activating to a usb stick doesn’t require you to “rip apart your workstations”. Once transferred to a usb stick, you can plug that into any computer that has waves plugins installed and it will authorize the plugins.

Hope you get it all sorted out.


This might have something to do with a known issue on Windows systems and C++ Redistributable files. Check this thread out…

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