Kramer Wet/Dry Parameter

Despite being a bit grainy, I prefer Kramer tape and I have tried many on the market. For treatment especially of buss mix using ribbon mics it is excellent. When using on other sources, Kramer desperately needs a wet/dry mix; it can be quite harsh on already bright mics/high impedance pres. I work on minimalist approach so there isnt usually plug after plug in my insert list…a simple fix would be very handy rather than mult tracks/sends etc.
Simple is productive and spontaneous

What I found great about the Native Instruments approach to eg Guitar rig, is to expose all the major/upper level parameters and have a hidden window to get to the lesser used/power user options, even tucking away somethings like wet dry would be fine and not clog the UI

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Most of our new plugins do include a Mix control (Dry/Wet).
Regarding adding it to existing plugins - That is not something we can commit to at the moment.

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Sure, I realise there needs to be focus…the plugs are great btw. Wet dry has been needed for a long time…and such a simple implementation for a lot of gain…excuse the pun.
Additionally, one thing that is helpful, especially on tools like softube saturation knob…is allowing frequency bypass…check out ‘keep low’, keep high and neutral…just a thought…in that hidden sidebar :slight_smile:

We will pass on the suggestion. Thanks @Aurasphere!

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