Free utility plugin for gain staging & parallel processing & MS

Because updating all legacy plugins with wet/dry controls & stuff is probably quite the effort, why not release a little utility plugin in the meantime? Hosting Waves plugins within Waves plugins is already a common feature in all recent channel strips. Make it a single plugin, add Input/Output gain, Wet/Dry, MS Encode/Decode and bam. Call it Lil’ Gain and release it free for all Waves users. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Not a bad idea. Although, I’m not sure about the name!! Haha!!


Wait, forget everything I said. This shouldn’t be a separate plugin. This should be an update to the Waves toolbar :exploding_head:


Maybe reword the Topic to reflect adding these things to the Waves Toolbar/Waveshell to get more attention?

well, I guess the new StudioRack ticks all those boxes <3 Thank you, Waves!

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