Kramer Tape - grouping feature request

I’m new user of Waves plugins and noticed that Kramer Taper has no grouping. Which is standard function in nowadays summing/saturation plugins. Any chance for that functionality? Kramer Tape seem to have potential to give mix nice sound signature but copying into 80 tracks and changing settings in all those Kramer’s instancies, makes this useless :slight_smile:

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Hi This is a much-needed feature!!! I join the request.
Regards. Bart.

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Actually that reminds me of NLS. The ability to unlink individual plugins can be handy too.

Not sure that I would use this feature for tape as there is no way I’d use 80 instances, even 50. How the hell can your machine even run that by the way?!?

On that note, it would be an interesting idea to take what you’ve suggested here but apply it to like a multitrack tape plugin, with each track having its own model and is slightly different. Kind of like crossing Kramer Tape with NLS, and getting a 24-track tape plugin with group features.

This way its not exactly the same model on all those tracks introducing unwanted harmonic build up. Variations actually help and can add a little depth. Just like it does with NLS, or any of the Brainworx channel strips.

Now that is something id pay for. But yeah, I can see a group feature being helpful for Kramer Tape and J37. They should do that too.

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Hi Simon
Thanks for reply. On my AMD PC, Ryzen 5900X I could run over 300 instances of Kramer Tape in 44100 mode, and around 150 on 88200. So I can apply saturation freely.

When it comes to NLS, which I currently use as well, the solution of BUS is nice. But for make it easier implement by developers simple grouping functions would be enough. 10 groups would be perfect amount, with ability to name them.
Anyway @ShayWaves do you think is that possible to realize this feature request?


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What about headroom for other plugins?? Or do you process these and bounce them out before mixing??

Hi @simon.a.billington . In most cases the number of instances of saturating/summing plugins don’t cross 50-70 in real projects. So my CPU Ryzen 5900X is enough to take it. And, nope - I try to keep all my mixing plugins always in realtime. Only VSTi are being freezed. That’s why I mostly work in 44100 + oversampling where is needed. Tah gives me good CPU perfomance headroom. This week I upgrade my system to Ryzen 5950X, so 8 threads more should optimize my workflow a bit.

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I work at 96k, and have to freeze as the project progresses. But fortunately Logic allows us to freeze just the instruments, allowing us to add further processes. As myself system is getting quite old, I’ll still have to freeze those as I go.

I’m waiting for the next line of Mac Studio’s/Mac Pros before updating. So it shouldn’t be like this for much longer.

I’ll generally try to avoid bouncing unless I want to resample something. I like to keep my project 100% editable in case I get feedback leading me to change stuff at the note level. It’s also why I’m not a fan of generative processes as it would take forever to reverse engineer some of that stuff and make the appropriate note changes.

Every note should be a deliberate aesthetic choice in my mind, but not everyone needs to think that way.

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Yep! Same me. bouncing is also my emergency only solution (especially on my old platform), but since I have modern CPU I do this very rare. Even with my style of work which is - all in one projects. Recording/ arranging audio/MIDI, edit, mix and mastering in one project, and real-time MIDI/audio processing as long as it possible. My Ryzen 9 5900X and 64GB RAM allow me to do that very comfortable. So that’s why I love to use a lot of various summing plugins like Kramer, Sonimus A-console, Waves NLS or Slate Tape on channels.

Kramer has no grouping so it’s very demotivating to use it often.

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I certainly think there is something to this idea, but they can probably extend it to some of their other plugins too, like their channel strips.

Oh I just remembered there is a workaround I do in order to achieve something similar to the groups, its just not as flexible and may depend on the DAW too…

In Logic I take advantage or the “Default Setting”. I’ll make my changes, save it as default and open up new instances of the plugin where I want it to go. If I want a different setting, I’ll save that as default and insert new instances of the plugin wherever I want to apply that setting.

The only problem is that its kind of a set once method. Any other changes have to be copy and pasted manually. Then when it comes to restoring the initial default settings for the plugin, either the developer will have on available or I’ve made a patch myself. I’ll just recall that and save that as the default.

Not the best solution, but given the fact there are no other alternatives…