Kramer Tape - grouping feature request

I’m new user of Waves plugins and noticed that Kramer Taper has no grouping. Which is standard function in nowadays summing/saturation plugins. Any chance for that functionality? Kramer Tape seem to have potential to give mix nice sound signature but copying into 80 tracks and changing settings in all those Kramer’s instancies, makes this useless :slight_smile:

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Hi This is a much-needed feature!!! I join the request.
Regards. Bart.

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Actually that reminds me of NLS. The ability to unlink individual plugins can be handy too.

Not sure that I would use this feature for tape as there is no way I’d use 80 instances, even 50. How the hell can your machine even run that by the way?!?

On that note, it would be an interesting idea to take what you’ve suggested here but apply it to like a multitrack tape plugin, with each track having its own model and is slightly different. Kind of like crossing Kramer Tape with NLS, and getting a 24-track tape plugin with group features.

This way its not exactly the same model on all those tracks introducing unwanted harmonic build up. Variations actually help and can add a little depth. Just like it does with NLS, or any of the Brainworx channel strips.

Now that is something id pay for. But yeah, I can see a group feature being helpful for Kramer Tape and J37. They should do that too.

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Hi Simon
Thanks for reply. On my AMD PC, Ryzen 5900X I could run over 300 instances of Kramer Tape in 44100 mode, and around 150 on 88200. So I can apply saturation freely.

When it comes to NLS, which I currently use as well, the solution of BUS is nice. But for make it easier implement by developers simple grouping functions would be enough. 10 groups would be perfect amount, with ability to name them.
Anyway @ShayWaves do you think is that possible to realize this feature request?