DRY/WET Knob for effects

It would be nice if all the FX (especially compressors) had a Dry Wet knob (call it what you wish). This would eliminate the need for many to double group which uses up valuable resources. It would be great to be able to trim the dry and wet so 50% on the mix knob was equal parts dry and wet. Even the current products that have this feature are not balanced that way.

My other feature request is to make SuperRack and LV1 more the same, moving toward SuperRack look and feel, but also the adding the LV1 Cross Patch pages to SuperRack so that patching can be made QUICKLY, rather than channel by channel. Also be great to have LV1 scale or at least be native on 1080P screens. Would be great to have the option to align the faders/ channels on BOTH to each other as well as to the FIT faders so they are aligned without workarounds. Be great to have an LV1 screen with no faders option when using FIT and use that space to make the channel easier to access. This goes hand in hand with alignment to the FIT faders.



Yeah this day and age I think it makes perfect sense. And you want to be able to do it simply, without the need for something like StudioRack. Though, it’ll do the job fine, it just seems a bit overkill for simple wet/dry purposes.