Getting the basics right first: UI Sizing

Would be great to actually update the waves UI to have proper scalability eg in Cubase. The size of the UIs are extremely bloated.
eg Kramer Tape
Its actually a great plug DONT use it until you put it through plugin doctor to get a really good handle on it; well I began using it again after I did that.
Whilst the tape graphic etc is very nice, it just gets in the way. Any plugin that uses a verbose graphic should also have a terse version with reflow so it fits all the basics into a minimum area.

This should be part of an AB graphic layout so as when automating workflows, they can move and rescale in an overview, or zoom and centre when focused
Once you have just 1 or 2 of these type it fills the screen is full on HD res.The issue is interdepence and often need particular chains to be visible to track interdependence in the signal flow and effect

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You’re right to recommend PluginDoctor in regard to understanding the specifics of what a plugin does. Obviously “all that matters is our ears” but when we are dealing with subtleties, our ears can sometimes play tricks on us.

Thanks to PluginDoctor I discovered that a LOT of talk in audio forums about what this or that plugin does or doesn’t do is just wrong. I often hear people say “the analog button just adds noise” in Waves plugins, and maybe there’s one where that’s true but I find often that button is what gets you delicious harmonic distortion.

As far as the UI goes – Kramer Master Tape & J37 would definitely benefit from the ability to hide the tape graphics. Some other companies do that with their tape plugins.

If you were using Reaper I would tell you to hit the UI toggle button. Reaper can optionally replace the graphic UI with sliders, and that slims down the plugin considerably.

I like Kramer Master Tape a lot. I love the simplicity of wrapping Wow & Flutter into a single control. I LOVE what it does to the tonal balance at 7.5 IPS with Bias set to Nominal.

I personally am finding 100% a bit small on a 5k monitor these days, but 125% is too much.

What would be really appreciated is a size in between like 110-112%. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks this. Likewise, I imagine people on laptops think 75% is too small and 100% too big and what they are wanting is something around the 87-90% mark.

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