Is it possible to uninstall Ultimate?

I dont like my DAW to be filled up with demo product i cant use. I bought the Waves essential and only want those lisences products installed. Waves central seems to automatically install Ultimate package in demo mode, and I cant find a way to get rid of it. It HAS to go!

Hi @tom.dukefoss,

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Yes, you can do a complete cleanup of Waves as well as uninstall specific versions.

This can be done from Waves Central Settings Tab (cogwheel icon) then choose either a complete Waves Clean up or, to uninstall.

Once done simply install only what you wish for.

If you ever need any assistance performing the above or for any other Waves-related issues for that matter feel free to Contact Technical Support they will gladly assist you.

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Unfortunatly its impossible to just install just Essential. Ultimate always get installed togehther even if its not checked off. Iv tried three times now. Insanely annoying…

If you go to Waves Central> Install Products > All Products tab > then choose from the view option V14 plugins. You should now be able to install only single plugins, just those included with essential i.e.

You can also install everything and delete plugins you do not want.
To do this go to your Waves Folder > Plugins V14 > delete any .bundle file to remove the plugin from your DAW plugin list.

If you ever need any assistance with the above or further information you can Contact Technical Support they will gladly help and guide you if needed.

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This is the way I would go about it. It’s a bit of a pain to set up, but once its done any further updates generally work smoothy. Plus you save disk space.

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I understand your frustration with the unwanted demo products cluttering your DAW after installing Waves Essential. To address this concern, I recommend reaching out to Waves Support directly. They should be able to provide guidance on how to prevent the automatic installation of the Ultimate package demo and assist you in removing it from your system.

Waves’ customer support team is experienced in handling such issues and can provide you with step-by-step instructions to ensure that only the products from your purchased Essential package are installed and active in your DAW.