Waves Ultimate / Creative Access

I made a horrible mistake and joined, out of curiosity trial Waves Creative Access (Ultimate). It installed tons of plugins on my system. I already own a perpetual license for 50 or so plugins. Now, since my trial ended, I can’t use the plugins I’ve owned for years and have no idea how to uninstall all this and keep only the ones I own. How do i uninstall all these plugins except the ones I own? please

Hi @andrea.pietrini,

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if you still unable to use your perptual licenses, please Contact Technical Support they will be able to guide you quickly over the email to solve this or remote in to your computer and do it for you if thats more convenient.

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You should be able to activate and deactivate your licenses independently via Central. In theory you should be able to run your plugins fine, as long as you have an active license installed.