iMac is now in disconnected devices


I’ve lost all my Waves licences as of yesterday(25.02). Friday everything was fine. Saturday I came into the studio and all my licences were gone and my iMac was listed as a disconnected device in Waves Central. Nothing has been changed or updated in the time being.

I’ve tried everything in the troubleshooting page regarding this problem but to no avail. I’ve read trough the forums for help but nothing worked.

I have WUP and about a month ago the same thing happened to the second Mac I have the licences activated on. Then I used the “recover” option but that is only available once per year and I’m afraid this might happen again since I have no idea what the reason behind this is.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Kind regards

Hi @melinakrumova,

Welcome to the Waves Forum.

Looking in our database I see you created a case for the mentioned issue, a Tech representative will reach out soon to further assist you with solving this issue.

It is important to know that Waves Central recognizes your computer according to your network adapter’s serial number (MAC Address).

So any changes you apply to the computer network or network adapter might lead to licensing issues.