Cant find wave plug ins (pro tools)

Just recently had to restore my Mac but my wave plug ins wont show. Did the troubleshooting the website recommended but it didn’t work. Can anyone help me out?

Were you able to transfer you licenses from your last Mac back to the cloud so you could reinstall them on your new machine??

Hi @Keithselley and welcome to Waves Forum :slight_smile:

Were there any changes made to the motherboard of the computer, or are you now using a different network adapter while being connected to the internet? Did you switch from ethernet connection to wi fi or vise versa? Are you seeing any licensing related error messages when trying to load the plugin?

There can be a variety of reasons for this issue, but it is important to understand if it is related to licenses or to the way the software was installed on your computer.

Also don’t hesitate to contact Waves Technical Support for assistance.

Yes it shows in my waves central dialog box and says active and installed to my mac HD. I can also see the file folder with all the plugins inside my wave folder.

thanks for the detailed response i really appreciate it. Most of that doesn’t apply to my situation but the problem occurred once i updated to the catalina OS i got an error message about missing plug ins. Once i did a little research i read how some plug ins wont work under catalina so i restored my mac back to mojave. Now theres no messages protools just wont read them and put them in the DAW. Contacted waves just waiting on a response.

Hi @Keithselley,

I’m sure you will get a response soon.
Also don’t hesitate to call the Tech Support during their working hours.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Oh, are your plugins updated to V11?? Anything before then isn’t compatible with Catalina. :thinking: