I Am Once Again Asking For COSMOS Quality of Life Improvements

The sample categorization is COSMOS is excellent but the actual app could be better. Please consider:

  • Reorder folders and collections. Being stuck with the order you added them in is not ideal.
  • Resize the left sidebar so you can view names that are long enough to get cut off with the default size
  • Add the instrument type names somewhere in the galaxy view when sorting by instrument so you don’t have to just remember what color is what. Most competitors just stick the name directly on the view above the dots but a legend of some sort would be sufficient.
  • Right click only pans the galaxy view rather than auditioning samples. XO does this and it’s great. You don’t have to find an area with no dots in order to pan the view like you do in COSMOS.
  • Search on folder names in file path in addition to just the file name. This is a big one for me. Typically the folders I add to COSMOS contain a bunch sample packs for similar genres or purposes because I have too many packs to add each one individually. It would be nice to be able to enter the name of a specific pack within one of these folders to temporarily search only within that pack.


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I loved how you term it “Quality Of Life Improvements”.

Although, if it were me I would have gone with “Vital Improvements for Mental Health” :upside_down_face: