Cosmos Feature Request!

This app is amazing and is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I would LOVE to see the following implemented:

  1. option to Randomize the sorting of sounds when searching
  2. the ability to view specific folders from within your main samples folder in the left column (to search within specific sample packs)
  3. DAW (bpm, key) sync would be incredible (like ADSR and Splice)
  4. Loops in the Cosmos view would be amazing!!
  5. I’ve noticed some of the key identification to disagree with the key a sample is labeled with in the name. (example: guitar_lick_bm.wav will be tagged as Dmaj)
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There are all pretty good additions.

A point on 5 though…
Man, I disagree with some of the keys or even tempos given to samples/loops. My reasoning there is the person making them doesn’t understand their scales or tempos as well as they should. Or maybe thy just simply made mistake, we’re all human after all.

So Cosmos may actually be on point with its analysis and just simply disagrees with the labels as well.

What you can do is change the information manually yourself. Though I’d hate to do this over a large sample set.