Cosmos Feature Requests - an already incredible product!

  1. It would be good to be able to drag certain folders to rearrange the folders in some logical order (all drums together, or alphabetical… )

  2. I have about 40 sample folders now and I find that enabling and disabling them is tedious. Would it be possible to shift-select a range of contiguous folders and make them active or inactive in one step. Maybe also support control-click to add them to a group that can be made active or inactive too?

  3. When I hit the two bars to stop a scan, it seems to take many minutes to complete this operation. It should be more immediate. Sometimes it never completes and I have to kill the app and start over again, which often requires a rescan of everything

  4. I’d like to see the number of samples next to each folder, maybe in parentheses - I have some folders with no samples in them, but I can’t tell that without clicking on each and waiting for the bottom number to update with just that folder selected. I think you can make the folder browser wider since most samples have a lot of dead space between Name and Length

  5. Be able to sort the folder list in order of incrementing/decrementing samples count

  6. use a narrower font in the folder list - some of my folder names are quite long, reflecting Native Instruments sounds folder names

  7. Could you make the display of the actual waveform a little less tall to get more samples on the screen? I think these are great, but they don’t need to be this tall.

  8. If I have about 50 folders, is there a way to have an active blue state, an inactive (won’t be used for search) gray state, and a third state which is "currently hidden folders where you could show/hide hidden folders? Hidden folders are like the grayed out ones that don’t get used in searches

  9. Why can’t loops be seen in the Cosmos point view? That would be great. Although, I do see lots of loops showing up as one-shots and vice versa.

  10. Arturia Pigments has a sampler built in. I can’t seem to drag and drop samples onto it. Can you get that to work with Pigments?

  11. How about having a way of randomizing the search results so that you always don’t get the same ones at the top?

  12. I think it would be cool to also mark some samples as “junk” and have them removed from the Cosmos database.

  13. What’s the color code for various instrument types ? I see no documentation related to this.

  14. Maybe add a column to the search results that shows the instrument so that it can be sorted on.

  15. Samples in Ableton. two issues - first, Ableton keeps its samples on MacOS in Packages so Cosmos can’t see the samples. But when I open the Package and drag the samples to another external folder where they are visible, Cosmos does scan them, but it finds them all to be “corrupt”. Any idea of how to fix that?

  16. I also wish that I could see all of my Cubase sounds as well, but I think they store these in an opaque way that doesn’t allow the samples to be seen by Cosmos

  17. It would be good to “prefetch” the results in a search since scrolling through presets is kinda herky-jerky and delayed with each new screen displayed.

  18. I can’t seem to assign Cosmos to another desktop in MacOS? It seems to roam to whichever Desktop is currently active?

  19. Every time I open Cosmos, it says that some folder content has changed (it hasn’t), and all of the folders need to be rescanned. First of all, why are “all” rescanned". Secondly, there were folders that looked like they were successfully scanned in the last go-around, but now they are showing that they need to be rescanned. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to this - it’s almost like random folders are picked for rescanning each time I restart.

Again - this is a great tool!

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I concur with most of your suggestions, but especially urgent are the following:

#01 A sorting option for folders is needed badly! I also posted separately about my need to have sorting and scaling options.
#06 Seeing folder names needs improvement. I suggested scalable width size for the column.
#19 This! If only COSMOS would fix this rescan bug before I lose all my time and lose my mind, too. Related to this problem is the red pop-up notice (“changes were detected in your folders”) that hides the folder below it so it’s inaccessible. The hidden folder is a problem, for example, when it is not selected (grey switch in left position) but you need to select it (blue switch in right position). In this case, the only way to switch positions is by turning off the Local Folders and then on again and proceeding to individually switch off every remaining visible folder so that what remains on is the folder hidden under the pop-up. However it is totally impractical when you have 140 folders. Therefore, at minimum, if the rescan bug cannot get resolved stat, then the rescan notice should be made optional. It will help to have the option to switch off notices just to avoid wasting hours because of the rescan bug.

Please see my own feature request posted recently in the forum, titled, COSMOS / Three Added Feature Suggestions to Improve Workflow

I eagerly await these much needed improvements.

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