[COSMOS] Suggestions for making sample tagging smarter and easier


I just found out about Waves COSMOS and immediately fell in love with it. Here are some humble ideas that might make sample tagging smarter and easier:

1. When auto-tagging samples, optionally take the folder structure and file naming into account.

This may potentially take way less computation and yield way higher tagging quality.
When I add the folders of samples that already have a logical folder structure, COSMOS still frequently sort the samples residing in the same subfolder into very different tags. Here’s a detailed example:

Relevant details in the screenshot:

  • All the samples are located in /Data/Music Production/Samples/Samples From Mars/101 From Mars/WAV/Bass/Fisherman'sFriend.
    Judging from the human-readble directory structure and file naming, all the samples in the Fisherman'sFriend folder are the same SH101 preset played at different pitch. But in reality, COSMOS yielded a very subpar tagging result: some are incorrectly tagged as loop (as opposed to one-shot), many are tagged as percussion or FX, etc. (whereas it actually is bass)

2. Allow the folders in the sidebar to be expanded to show subfolders

This is also requested by @axe

I was using ADSR Sample Manager before switching to COSMOS, and the former has this feature. My rationale are

  • it would allow users to gain more granular control over what’s currently shown in the library by enabling and disabling subfolders
  • It would also benefit my third idea below

3. Allow batch edit sample tags

This idea is built on top of the previous two. When the tagging done by COSMOS is unsatisfactory, users can simply expand the hierarchy in the sidebar and batch edit all the samples in a subfolder.


Thank you for this wonderful tool, the graph view is a killer feature that I was planning to gain access to by buying XLN XO or Algonaut Atlas 2, but COSMOS is so good that my plan is obsolete. Would love to see it become more stable and more feature rich!

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Out of the three points raised in my original post, I just realized that the third point is invalid because COSMOS actually already allows selecting multiple samples and apply changes (e.g. edit tags) to them at once. I mistakenly concluded that this feature was absent.

My request for the first two points remains.

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I think it would be also helpful to alphabetise the folder order and support custom order by allowing user to drag folders to rearrange them.