Cosmos requests

I like the approach of keeping the sampling and sequencer out of this (unlike the competitors).
I really hope you continue to add to the feature set which would make this the best sample finder:

  • Ability to rename folders added to the “Local Folder”
  • Ability to quickly add to collection an entire folder from “Local Folders”
  • Hierarchy view of “Local Folders” (for hiding and viewing specific folders)
  • Scratch pad feature. Like favorites, but it goes to a temporary list which can then be added to favorites, or converted to a collection. Its purpose is really for finding and shortlisting samples while working on a track

Also, the ability to change the attributes of more than one file at a time… Like the name of many files have the word hat or hi-hat but is labeled as percussion, shaker, cabase and so forth… maybe have the AI also include a scan of the name to make a more precise categorizing. Another feature is the ability to delete a file from within the sample finder. Also the ability to have a sample loop when being played back and finally the ability to select more than a single file at a time. If this AI sample finder is missing on so many features I am not going to pay for the sampler as who knows what features is missing in that program.


I am enjoying COSMOS, thank Waves.
I would love to see Apple CAF loops support. It would also be nice to have a random sort feature in the sample list, or simply a random search - a good way of rediscovering interesting samples from the library for inspiration.
You should be able to add multiple folders to the library at once - rather than one at a time.
The selection of folders on the left is a little odd too. Default is to turn the folder off, rather than clicking to say ‘this is what I want’. It would be nice to have both available - perhaps as a toggle.
I want this folder now, click again and go back to the previous selection of folders. Perhaps that is what Collections are for, sorry I have not investigated this fully yet.
It would be good to be able to loop the preview playback too.
Finally, for now - what about allowing MIDI controller input, so you could preview by hitting a key or pad?
Thank you Waves, a great start to a promising sample manager, and combined with CR8 it is going to be amazing.