HRTF SOFA file support for Waves NX plugins

It would be lovely to see support for SOFA files in Waves NX plugins. Custom HRTF is essential for an immersive virtualization experience. Most plugins that include this feature, more recently Virtuoso by APL, are just simulating the acoustics of a room. Waves NX has a HUGE advantage against all it’s competitors because it has actually captured the real room sound of the best studios in the world. The only thing that’s left here to make the product perfect is the possibility to load your own SOFA file, to REALLY put yourself in the room, not to just use a generic semi-custommizable HRTF profile. You guys could go even further by offering a service for HRTF creation through photogammetry, like Genelec Aural ID, for example. In addition to that, a standalone app like Slate VSX recently did would be perfect for the ultimate experience. Come on, guys, it feels like competition is going a step further, you have everything to make the best binauralization product available in the market! Competition will most likely not even exist anymore if you do this.