Waves version of an auto-EQ plugin

Auto EQs are all the rage these days, and I’m really hoping Waves is cooking up their own unique take on it.

Some examples include: Voxengo TEOTE, Hornet Thirtyone, Gulfoss

Every company does their own take on it. My favorite is TEOTE because it gives the most amount of control to the user.

I know Waves has MixCentric, and that’s great (though it tends to be a bit too bright for my taste) but I think doing something more complex and more customizable (like TEOTE) would be a great addition to Waves’s toolset.

You might ask, “Why do something another company has already done?” I’m not asking for that – I just think there’s more to explore in this genre, and Waves would do something unique.


I would like to second this feature request.
Waves has some great EQ in their product line, but what is missing is a tool for content-specific spectral balancing. Ideally, this tool would be accompanied by resonance filtering and EQ functionality.

I don’t want to reference a competing product here, but you are really behind the curve in this area.

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