How to Harmonise a Vocal with Waves Tune

Hi everybody
i would like to Harmonize a Main Vocal with Waves Tune is that possible and if yes how to do it ? Thanks for the Help .

It is possible if you edit it manually, a bit of music theory will help here. It doesn’t really track and tune voices live if thats what you’re asking, unless you’re using the RT version.

I can tell you what can do the job though, their new Harmony plugin. It’s actually going for $40 right now if that interests you.

Hi Simon
thanks for your answer , yes i did buy the waves Harmony but to be honest i m not really happy with the result it sounds Robotic for me .
or maybe i didn’t use it as it should be , but i did watch many tutorials how to use it .

which RT autotune do you mean ? i have the both Waves real time Autotune and normal Autotune that it scans your vocal Audio and you can tune it to the scale you want you mean this plugin ?
best Regards

It can sound more more natural, though synthesised vocals will never sound perfect.

Try adjusting the Pitch Tracker (PT) to get the most transparent response, alter the Formant for each part to make it sound more natural, and add a bit of random modulation to the pitch, formant and level or each part and the tracking.

Introducing some random qualities like this will help make it seem more human, since people aren’t naturally exactly on pitch and consistent in level.