🚀 NEW PLUGIN: Waves Harmony - Instant Vocal Harmonies

Real-time Vocal Harmony Playground
NEW PLUGIN: Waves Harmony - Instant Vocal Harmonies

Craft Your Dream Vocal Production

Create instant vocal harmonies—up to 8 voices—and personalize the character of each voice with pitch, formant, panning, delay, filtering and modulation.

3 harmony creation methods to suit your workflow:

Automatically generate harmonies – with a selection of chord presets
Play harmonies – live and in the studio with MIDI
Draw harmonies – save hours of comping, editing, tuning

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Waves Harmony is also available in the Vocal Production, Mercury, Pro Show, & SD7 Pro Show bundles. If you own any of these bundles with a current Waves Update Plan, get Waves Harmony free when you update your bundle here.
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[Watch: 5 AMAZING Vocal Harmony Effects You Can Create Now]

Lu Diaz

(DJ Khaled, Pitbull, Beyoncé)

“This Harmony plugin by Waves is an amazing tool for sculpting warm & natural sounding harmonies – but it doesn’t stop there. The effects you can create are sick! Definitely adding this one to my toolbox!”

Preston ‘Prizzie’ Reid

(Kanye West, Muni Long, Jacquees)

“Harmony is an extremely inspiring and creative vocal plugin, especially in a production or tracking situation when you’re looking to spark new ideas.”

[Joe Barresi]


“Harmony is my new go-to for creating unique pitched and textured vocals—whether we’re trying to achieve a powerful stack of different vocal harmonies, or a single vocal chop.”
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I’m so happy to see you guys included this in Mercury! This adds nice value to the Waves Update Plan.

UPDATE: I tried it on my current project which doesn’t have vocals yet… So I ran a synth through it. Wow! Set your key/scale and it works for instruments, too. By cycling through the variations you can hear ideas for your song you might not have considered otherwise.

Just used it to disguise my voice earlier today while I was giving the cops my random demands. It worked well. :upside_down_face:

Has anyone been successful in creating folk type harmonies like Crosby/Stills/Nash, James Taylor style with the Harmony Plugin? I’m using it in Logc and haven’t been capturing it they way I thought. Any tips?

That is a hard thing to pull off with any plugin as those voices were 100% fresh organic grown.

The best way to pull it off is sing the harmonies and use a vocal tuner like Waves Tune RT to tighten them up, if needed. The main thing is to stay away from strong tuning and fast transition values. It’s actually good if they’re a little out of time and out of tune, that creates for a richer, more organic sound. It’s the same thing when using Harmony.

That’s why vocals are so thin these days, people are willing to detune their synth oscillators a little for a thicker sound, but not as willing to let their vocals be a few cents out for a thicker sound.

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