How to uninstall a specific plugin?

Hey folks, I have a couple of V10 plugins and some are V9.
One of the V9 plugin C4 gives me a error while loading so looking to uninstall and reinstall the same.
Went to waves central but couldn’t find any specific option to uninstall a single plugin.
I understand that I may have to uninstall complete V9 and reinstall it again. But was wondering if there is any alternative just to uninstall the single plugin?

You can’t uninstall that specific plugin, however you can remove specific plugins from the plugin modules folder and then just trash your preferences.


To remove a single plugin go to

  • PC- C:\Program Files (x86)\Waves\Plug-Ins V9 (or V10)
  • MAC- SysHD/Applications/Waves/Plug-Ins V9 (or V10)

then manually delete the C4.bundle (or any other plugin name you wish to remove) file.


Thanks @kurma.mastering for this. It helps.

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Ah! Just what I was looking for!
Great Tip @Josh_Voyles & @kurma.mastering

Thank you!

Thanks. Hopefully deleting StudioRack off the face of the planet will help solve the issue im having with Waves interfering with other apps’ shortcuts/icons.