How to Add a Recording/Playback Computer to a SoundGrid Network

I’m new to the Waves mixer and I have a few questions regarding its capabilities. Firstly, I’d like to know if it’s possible to simultaneously run eMotion LV1 and SuperSoundRack on the same system (Axis-Scope). If this is feasible, could you please provide guidance on how to set it up? Currently, my eMotion LV1 is running on Axis-Scope.

Additionally, I’m interested in understanding how to add a recording/playback computer to a SoundGrid Network. However, I’m facing a challenge with my current Axis-Scope setup, as the storage capacity of the 250GB SSD is nearly exhausted. Consequently, I’m considering the option of adding another computer for recording and playback.

I’ve explored solutions online, including those provided on the Waves website, but I find the configuration instructions somewhat complex. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could explain the process here in simpler terms.

Thank you for your assistance.

Hi @blessingnice2006,

You should be running either LV1 or SuperRack on the computer not both at the same time. A second computer to set up for recording, and playing back is recommended, this will enable stability and maximum performance for the computer running LV1/SuperRack.

One of our Live Sound representatives will reach out over email to further assist you with making sure you have everything set up correctly or guide you through if required.

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oh great, thank you for this information