Waves Soundgrid Architecture

I’ve inherited support for our system and I’m trying to understand the architecture.

Is there a document/sub site/picture that shows how things hang together?

We have an A&H console with a Waves Soundgrid card. That is networked (CAT cabling) to a Waves Processor/PC box.

It’s all works OK but what I’m looking to understand is:

  1. How does the processor interface to the PC?
  2. What pieces of software are installed on the PC that run everything and what is the hierarchy?
  3. What then is the licensing structure for the main or base-level required to make this all go?
  4. The same question for how plug-ins are licensed/upgraded/kept current?

Thanks for any pointers.

Hi @media,

Welcome to Waves Forum.

First, let me suggest a few articles and Pages on Waves website that may answer all your questions and more:
Plugins for Allen & Heath Consoles
SoundGrid Certification Courses

For your specific questions:

  1. The processor (SoundGrid Server), as well as your SoundGrid IO, needs to be assigned to your SuperRack inventory.
  2. SuperRack SoundGrid is the application you’ll probably want to use - and using that you’ll manage all your SoundGrid network and your sessions.
    *You will also need Waves Central, which is the Waves Installer and licenses manager.
  3. You will need licenses for the SoundGrid application (i.e SuperRack/LV1/SoundGrid Studio)
    And for the plugins, you want to run within it.
  4. Waves Licenses can be kept updated, with the Waves Update Plan.

Hope that helped.

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Thanks Uri. A tremendous help indeed! I’ll chew through that material and jump in with any follow-up questions.


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