How to activate V10 after first installing V12

Hello, I bought the Abbey Road Chambers plugin and downloaded and installed the V12 version, but I’m on Windows 7 and can’t run V12, only the Legacy versions. My other Waves plugins I use are all V10 and work fine.
So I downloaded and installed the V10 one, but it won’t activate. Only the V12 shows activated.
Waves website says that legacy versions 10 and up will activate with a V12 license, but this plugin only shows “Installed” in my Waves Central and not “Activated”.
I did also update to the latest version of Waves Central when prompted.
How can I get the V10 version to activate?
Thanks in advance for any help.

Hey Seamonkey,

I find myself turning to the offline legacy installers more and more these days. Especially as my laptop is getting older and older.

I would uninstall all V12 plugins.

I would restart the computer after this.

Then I would activate plugin licenses on my machine which I think off hand is under settings. I store my licenses on my laptop and not online.

After that I would select offline installer and choose V10 or V11.
I already have these stored on a separate hard drive.

Select the plugins you want to install and hopefully this should do the trick.

I see that you have pretty much done this already, but this is my procedure and so far I have not had any hiccups.

Good luck


Hi @seamonkeymusic,

Welcome to Waves Forum,

Waves V12 licenses will indeed authorize older software versions (i.e V10) and It actually sounds like you are set properly, and should be able to use the plugins.

This matter may be a little bit confusing and I’ll try to better explain it.
Waves Central>Install Products>My Products, show only the products you own in the currently registered version.

Therefore, if you own Abbey Road Chambers V12 licenses, but installed the plugin as V10,
Under My Products, you’ll see only ‘Activated’ checked.

To see the Abbey Road Chambers V10 ‘Installed’ check-mark, go to:
Waves Central>Install Products>All Products, and under the View dropdown menu, choose V10.
*you will now see only the ‘Installed’ checked.

**Note the Waves V10 V11 and V12 can be installed using the Online method, and there is no need for the offline one in that case.

As it sounds that your V12 licenses are activated, and the plugins are installed as V10 (as should)
I suggest referring to the right Rescan article for your DAW of use.

If any further assistance is needed, I suggest contacting our Tech Support Team.