How Do I Rollback to V10 Without It Auto Updating back to V11?

I have uninstalled V11 a few times and re-installed the provided V10 Waves Center app. As soon as it launched it get a notification that it is auto-updating to latest. Anyone know how to actually get this to work? I’m on Windows 7. V11 plugins were working fine despite the message saying they are not supported on my OS, that is until a recent update the killed F6 Dyn EQ. I have unfinished songs using Waves plugins and now I can’t progress till this gets sorted. …or I find better alternatives to Waves. But I paid for these and want them to work.


Why not take notes from iZotope and Native Instruments. Their licensing and Authorization methods are amazing. I’ve heard a lot of people say to avoid Waves for this very reason. I took the bait from the sales, but now I’m getting to experience it first hand exactly what people warned against.


There’s currently a technical issue with the latest update of Waves Central running on Windows 7. Waves are aware of it and are working to sort it out.
In the meanwhile contact their technical support. They will assist you with this issue.

Thanks. It appears their “contact support” page is conveniently not working either. I click send and the spinner spins indefinitely.

That is not convenient, tech support really wants to help out, and successfully help out many users who contact through this form a day. It must be somehting local. Please try the contact form from another browser, or try clearing your browser cache and try again.

Let me know

Thanks again. I was able to finally get it working and someone did respond.

After rolling back to Waves V10 Ableton Live keeps crashing on startup. Anyone know how to get around that? I have seen people steering others away from buying Waves plugins because of the crashing, but I haven’t experienced it like this till now.

Hi @shanenewville,

Please contact our Support team as soon as you can to look in to this. Rolling back to V10 should not crash your DAW, Suppot can help you work this out in the quickest manner.